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I'm a fashion designer and a loser. Please call me Siren

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Asgard Power Make Up!
Apparently Blue and I are just going to go ahead and call fem!Clint Cilantro
I don’t really know where this came from
The Avengers meet Spring 2012 Trends
Iron Man- Peplums, vintage silhouette
Captain America- High-low skirt, Ombre
Thor- See-through blouse, pleated skirt, blazer
Hawkeye- See-through blouse, hotpants, clear heels
Black Widow- Drop-waist dress, vintage silhouette, ombre
The Hulk- One shoulder shirt, draped pencil skirt, clear heels
Will be available as buttons later 
Superhero Bow Pre-Order

So I know I got a giveaway for 3 of these right now :) If you don’t know where that is, it is here! But just so anyone is interested, I’m also opening up pre-orders for these. Here are all the available designs so far:

These are 4.5”x2.364” attached to a crocodile clip in the back. They’re also custom printed fabric on cotton (IN CASE ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN THEIR…BOW ORIGINS…)

Usually they’d be $5 each but since I’m a bro, pre-order rates are $3 for one!(not including shipping) Sounds good? The only downside is that you won’t have them for another 3-4 weeks. :) But I’m hoping they’ll be worth the wait

Pre-orders will end on October 30 and I will send out the fabric orders then. You can send me your order either over my ask box or my email at Siren_chan13@yahoo.com

[Just another small note though. I’ll be adding designs sporadically until the end of the pre-ordering time period so don’t feel like you only have these 7 to pick from]

For my bro, Illie. Because hugs are nice.