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ALL OF THE PRE-ORDER BOWS HAVE BEEN SENT OUT (or scheduled to be sent out early in the morning tomorrow)
OMFG….THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYONE AND YOUR INFINITE PATIENCE WHEN DEALING W THE HOT MESS THAT IT IS ME. I have a few sport bow leftovers that I will be listing on my Etsy later on when I can feel my body again. 
(Accurate representation of me right now)
As of right now! All of the Fire Emblem bows have been more or less sent out (there’s 2 that we have issues with but I have sent you guys messages regarding them) so please expect them in your mail box soon!
Did you miss out on the Yowapeda bows during AX or were interesting in them? Or is volleyball more of your thing? Cause I sure do have the sports available here now.
”’OTL I apologize for how long the last pre-order session last. It was a little bit rough going between cons and school BUT SINCE I AM FULL NEETing IT AT THE MOMENT this one will be processed a lot faster
The other bows (DMMD, Sailor Moon, Bucky, etc) will hit the shop along with my older designs at a later date when I am a little bit less of a tired pup.
Thank you for another amazing Fanime!! For those that I met for the first time, it was nice to see you. For those who I’ve seen a few times already, I’m glad I’m still able to trick you into thinking I’m a cool person. ALSO look at this amazing girl that I met at Fanime * O * she made my dumb fabric into such an adorable skirt wao!
Also the FE bows are slowly being worked on and I’ll be posting the DMMD bows leftover from the con on my etsy in the next week or so. The next convention that I will be at will be Anime Expo and i’ll post the information on that when I’ve hashed out the details a little bit more hohoho. 
LAST POST OF THE DAY I SWEAR..!!! lmfao OKAY SO Fanime literally snuck up on me this year and I’m frantically scouring around trying to finish everything so I’m asking for a little patience if you pre-ordered the FE bows (or any bows actually I think I have 2 custom orders on Etsy). I’m trying to get everything done as fast as I can but I’m only one person and between school and con preps I’m kinda running all over the place. @_@ I’m sorry I’m usually a little (though really not by much) bit more professional than this lol….BUT YEAH thank you for everyone for being super awesome so far while I’m dying in the hell that is convention panic lmfao
Wonder Con 2014

(This was basically the entire con. Yup)

If you’re confused as of why none of this looks like the prints you purchased you’re probably looking for my table partner Blue lmfao. ANYWAY!!! Thank you so much for everyone who stopped by to see us at the con. It was great meeting new bros and talking to old ones!! I’m sorry if I was out of it during the con I was probably drunk tired LMFAO. This was probably one of the best party con I’ve had the pleasure of attending and I will definitely be returning next year HOHO

Hi hi! Just letting you guys know that Blue and I are going to be at Wonder Con this weekend at Table 207 in the Artist Alley along with our bro Julie..!! I’ll have my bows there with me and will be complaining the entire time on Saturday in my cosplay. So if you’re coming to the con please come by and say hi..!!
Hi hi guys! Just letting you know that I officially have the Fire Emblem fabric (or so nicknamed Toile de Ylisse cause I’m a giant nerd) available in my Spoonflower. My 3DS is there so you can see sizing comparison. lmfao I’M SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT the prints are nice and crisp and you can even see all of the tiny bullshit roses and scribbles that I added in
ALSO! The Fire Emblem (among other) bows pre-ordering is ending today!!! I will be taking off the listing at 12 AM tonight so please head over to my Etsy to not miss out.
Bow Pre-Order Reminder!

Hi hi! Just letting you guys know that there’s approximately 6 days left and around 40-something bows left! So if you were interested please click here to pre-order your own copy before they’re gone :)

ALSO…since I am trying my best to not be an old lady technology-wise. I’ve made a public twitter here so C: drop by and have a conversation with me sometime!