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[Yes you can make my designs! Please read the FAQ for more details]
The potential in a basic pinafore design is literally limitless lol…JUST…SAYIN’
Rescued an old abandoned fabric design to use as a print this year ohoho.
It’s good to be back in Gotham
 ♥Tights Pre-Orders ♥
Okay so I really was going to wait until I finish my hobbit bows to open this up but WELP. Here we go. BEFORE WE PROCEED LET’S GO OVER A FEW GROUND RULES. Because this is my first time doing this (ohoho please be gentle), I really have no idea what the hell I’m doing.
These designs are printed on white opaque tights, SO what that mean is that there will be some voids around the crotch, the waist and the toes. This isn’t really a big deal except if you wear tights as pants. Uhh then I would recommend…not…doing that?
These are also printed by a third party. I will personally inspect each and every pair before I send them out and will probably call up my supplier and shriek at them if they are horrible. But I will not be able to correct certain things (like the voids in printing in the point 1).
These aren’t thin, but they’re not exactly the thickest tights either. THEY ARE QUITE DURABLE THOUGH since I have worn mine for an entire day and they haven’t completely dissolve into nothing yet.
Handwash preferable, or machine wash on delicate. Cold water will always be A+ in preserving colors on your clothes. 
Okay I think that SHOULD BE GOOD. The price is $20/pair. Pre-orders for these will run until April 6, 2013. Real life example and first reaction are here in case you are curious. Information on how pre-orders work are here in my FAQ.
OH MY GOD fuck I completely forgot to mention. Tights come in S/M and L sizes!! So please let me know which size you want in your order. askgjhasg this is what happen when I go without coffee in the morning.
Please email me at sirensorders@outlook.com for a price quote/invoice/etc.
(why yes we did finally get a real business email after a year to keep things clean ohoho) 
Inspired heavily by this post on Fashion Tips From Comic Strips. I tried being subtle but that was never much of a strong point for me. Haha. I personally adore peplums and will be looking forward to rocking peplum dresses well into the Fall.
Been kinda playing around with the idea of a locket style print with the Batman villains while my computer was having problem connecting to the internet. That would be kinda nice U w U having a more somber looking print in time for Halloween.
Hi hi~ SO…after like forever after I actually promised, my Arkham Asylum fabric is finally up for sale on spoonflower. OTL sorry I was running into some problem since spoonflower was switching over to an entire new set of dye or SOMETHING also I wanted more colorways. BUT ANYWAY. I just got my samples today and omg they are ADORABLE. I wasn’t able to select the fabric that the swatches was printed on but I assume they’re of the kona cotton varieties because they feel very similar to my bow fabrics hahaha 
Without Flash

With Flash

The Black/White colorway on top of my sketchbook to show that it’s actually closer to a very dark gray than a true black u 3 u it’s very hard to get actual black since spoonflower fabrics are printed on top of white with ink but the effects are pretty fucking nice eitherway ehehe. If you are making anything out of these, please credit me. u w u Let’s spread the warm fuzzies around, yeah?