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★Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat★
Hi. My name is Siren! And this is my art blog.

[Yes you can make my designs! Please read the FAQ for more details]
Hi hi guys! Just letting you know that I officially have the Fire Emblem fabric (or so nicknamed Toile de Ylisse cause I’m a giant nerd) available in my Spoonflower. My 3DS is there so you can see sizing comparison. lmfao I’M SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT the prints are nice and crisp and you can even see all of the tiny bullshit roses and scribbles that I added in
ALSO! The Fire Emblem (among other) bows pre-ordering is ending today!!! I will be taking off the listing at 12 AM tonight so please head over to my Etsy to not miss out.
Bow Pre-Order Reminder!

Hi hi! Just letting you guys know that there’s approximately 6 days left and around 40-something bows left! So if you were interested please click here to pre-order your own copy before they’re gone :)

ALSO…since I am trying my best to not be an old lady technology-wise. I’ve made a public twitter here so C: drop by and have a conversation with me sometime!

Thank you for all of the kind messages!!

Oh my gosh I’m literally just rolling around the floor with all of the sweet messages I’ve gotten within the past week or so. Unfortunately I won’t be able to answer the majority of these cause fashion school is kicking my ass…. (also if we’re being honest…I wanted to keep some of them in my inbox cause they were just THAT nice) but please do know that I do read and greatly appreciate all of the messages that you guys send to me. (。♥‿♥。)

lmfao that’s SO fucking crazy….wow thanks for all of the support, everybody!!! I’m glad you guys are on this crazy ass ride with me cause I sure as hell wouldn’t be able to make it by myself. 
My etsy is now updated (wow I know first time this summer) with a bunch of goodies including my DRAMAtical Murder clips :) [soon to be in the shop the SnK rings]
Well hello there tumblr

Some of you (ie: nobody) might have noticed that I’ve been kinda MIA on both tumblr and my etsy lately. Oops. OKAY I HAVE A REASON FOR THIS I SWEAR. Between getting literally the mother of all con flu from SDCC (I DIDN’T EVEN GO TO THE ACTUAL CON) and dealing with some personal problems I haven’t really had the energy to keep up with things online.

ANYWAY since I don’t really want to write a full essay detailing my life I’ll make this short. Starting today I am officially a Fashion Design student at FIDM. Making the transition between law student to fashion student has been more soul searching than I ever really wanted in my entire life. And maybe this is weird to say but tumblr definitely had a part in making me realize that maybe I should go into fashion instead. I’LL PROBABLY STILL KEEP THIS USERNAME THOUGH. Cause lady-i-guess-im-a-fashion-student-now-ga might be a little bit too long lmfao.

I’ll be getting off my lazy bum now to start restocking my etsy and working on new stuff. WHO KNOWS maybe the fact that I’m actually going to be taught how to sew might mean that we might get actual clothes in the shop in the future HOHO. BUT YEAH just wanted to keep you guys in the loop in case anyone was curious (ie: NOBODY). 

Alright! So quick announcement. If you ordered the Hobbit book/bows off of Etsy. They are officially all shipped out. If you ordered it via emails/forms I’ll be getting to it within the next week. ALSO my etsy is updated with a few bows left over from Fanime. So if you wanted to check them out, feel free to. I APOLOGIZE FOR BEING SUCH A HOT MESS. I have one more week of testings left and then I’ll be out for summer and will be around 100% to answer emails/ship out special orders and things then. 

PS: If you were the girl that talked to me briefly at Fanime about your Avengie bows plz email me!!

Thank you for being so understanding, you guys! C’:

Thank you so much for everyone who stopped by my table this weekend!! (and put up with mine and my assistant Julie’s craziness hoho). What a fucking amazing ass con lmfao. Aaaah I MISS SAN JOSE ALREADY (but not really because I have separation anxiety when I’m away from Los Angeles) 
Anyway I will be shipping out books and Hobbit bows this weekend! Some tights have already been shipped out 2 weeks or so ago SO if you have pictures of you rocking them I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT.