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[Yes you can make my designs! Please read the FAQ for more details]
One final formal reminder that pre-order for these bows will end on October 30, this Sunday. Please follow the obnoxiously over-linked link for more detail :) These 16 designs are it for this pre-order period. Mostly because I have a con this weekend and I don’t think I can crank out anymore before then. OHOHOHO. (in a sort of related news, if you’re going to Long Beach Comic Con * O * I hope I’ll see you there ohohoho)
So if you want to place an order, email me at Siren_chan13@yahoo.com or drop a message in my ask. :) Because if you ordered something and haven’t paid BY Sunday, Imma have to unfortunately drop your order and that’s not fun for all parties involved.

This is what the bows look like for real real. Just case if anyone was interested. 
Available for pre-order until October 30th