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[Yes you can make my designs! Please read the FAQ for more details]
Hello sweeties! Just letting you guys know that my Doctor Who bows (also Sherlock and Supernatural) will be in the art show at Gallifrey One from this Friday to Sunday at the LAX Marriott! So if you are at the con and wanted to check them out, please feel free.
I will also be stumbling drunkenly around at the con. So if you see someone who is drunk and confused and wearing too many bows in their hair and shrieking We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together….it’s probably me.
I feel like I should make a wood joke but I’m so tired.
Guess who finally got their samples? (PS: the answer is me!)
Order your own here! New deadline for will be Feb 2, 2013.(also I am confirmed for the Gallifrey One Art Show so if you would rather swing by and pick up any of the DW bows there, you can also do that. But only my bows will be there, I won’t be so I will not be able to reserve anything and stocks are limited)
Also I….have a really girly room and it’s 1 AM lmfao. This is what happen when I’m too tired to find a proper backdrop. 
Orders will run from now until January 21, 2013 or when I hit 75 bows (whichever comes first).
This time I’m only limiting it to the normal clip type/these bows. If you are interested in any of my older designs, they will be available on etsy soon!! The price for them are $3/each.
Email me at Siren_chan13@yahoo.com to place an order by telling me which one you would like, what country you are in and what you would like to pay with. PLEASE REMEMBER, I am a pretty chill bro but if I don’t get a payment from you by the time I am ready to ship these out I will drop your order. 
These will (hopefully) also be sold at the gallifrey con coming up in LA but seriously buy them here it’ll be a lot cheaper LMFAO (also I won’t be attending that con, only my bows will so I’m sorry but I can’t do pick ups for it). I THINK THAT’S IT AS FAR AS DETAILS GO. Email me if you have anymore questions. :)
There’s actually a surprise for this bow but I guess you won’t really find out what it is until you see it for yourself B)
(Why yes these are the initial sketches for my DW and Sherlock bows that I am using as baits)
So I got one quick question for you guys and I would really appreciate if you can give me your thoughts or whatever. Since I am now designing bows for both MYSELF and stores, I am working on them a lot more than I used to….
My question is that would you guys prefer more frequent pre-orders with less designs each time or just keep it the same(twice each year with 16 designs)? Cause like, I will PROBABLY have these instore by February but then I would feel like a jackass if I just COMPLETELY neglect tumblr pre-orders cause this is where I started this whole bow shenanigans in the first place.