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I'm a fashion designer and a loser. Please call me Siren

[Yes you can make my designs! Please read the FAQ for more details]
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Anonymous sent: Okay, so I know people are allowed to make your design but is it alright that I was to make quite a bit of them just for my wardrobe ? It's so hard to choose which ones I want to make

LMFAO you can make as many as you want I have no problem with people padding out their wardrobe with my designs

First movie Bilbo - x

Desolation of Smaug Bilbo since I never got around to drawing it until now. I thought I was done with obsessing over The Hobbit but apparently after looping the song of the Misty Mountains and crying over it, it’s clear that I AM NOT. 
Future designs for stud earrings C: These babies will be 0.5in or 12.7mm printed on sparkly gold metallic acrylic (wao!) I’m pretty excited no lie but then again I usually am for shiny new accessories regardless of if I’m the designer for them or not
Awkwardly trying to stumble back into the design game….hahaha
HAPPY BIRTHDAY INIGO!!!! stay away from my daughter
(open image in new tab for bigger view..!)
Olivia is my favorite…she’s so SPARKLY..!!!