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 Been bombarded with assignments ever since I got back from Fanime x_x The not boring part of my assignment for a class inspired by the monarch butterfly 
Thank you for another amazing Fanime!! For those that I met for the first time, it was nice to see you. For those who I’ve seen a few times already, I’m glad I’m still able to trick you into thinking I’m a cool person. ALSO look at this amazing girl that I met at Fanime * O * she made my dumb fabric into such an adorable skirt wao!
Also the FE bows are slowly being worked on and I’ll be posting the DMMD bows leftover from the con on my etsy in the next week or so. The next convention that I will be at will be Anime Expo and i’ll post the information on that when I’ve hashed out the details a little bit more hohoho. 
Bow samples for the DMMD set (I ran out of time before I got to drawing Mink’s ;;;; )
Anonymous sent: aah are your dmmd bows going to be up on your etsy after fanime? i'm not able to go this year and i was super stoked about seeing the designs :)

Wow sorry for the late reply! lmfao Con prep hell is getting to me aaaaah. Yes yes they’ll probably be on Etsy after the con along with my other new designs and leftovers from Fanime :)

Believe me I’m as tired of these sticker designs as you are lmfao
Happy (really late omfg) birthday my precious Morgans ♥♥