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Got the samples for my volleyball bows hehehe. Will have the order info for these plus the Yowapeda ones tomorrow! ☆☆

Anonymous sent: Hi! I was wondering if the Fire Emblem bows will be available again later on? I recently found out about them and unfortunately I was way too late to preorder any :( Thanks! (PS Love your art and designs)

Yes! They will be available on Etsy in a month or so C’: I’m still in the process of filling out the pre-order since doing 2 conventions back to back along with exams kind of threw a wrench in my schedule h-hohoho. But I will definitely let you guys know when they are available online 

Anonymous sent: Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone used your AOT fabric yet? I kind of want to get it, but I'm curious as to how it looks on others first ^^' thanks

One of my favorite example would be here * w * I know there’s quite a few others too I just can’t remember where they would be off the top of my head 

Oh my god I am so deep in sport anime hell right now
T(2) Time
Bless this shitty show