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HAPPY BIRTHDAY INIGO!!!! stay away from my daughter
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Olivia is my favorite…she’s so SPARKLY..!!!


At first I wasn’t going to do anything for Chrom at first BUT I….FELT REALLY BAD FOR HIM. So here…!! The sort of not really but he shows up too kinda so it should probably count 3rd FE:A chara to show up in the new Smash Bros. 
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(Accurate representation of me right now)
As of right now! All of the Fire Emblem bows have been more or less sent out (there’s 2 that we have issues with but I have sent you guys messages regarding them) so please expect them in your mail box soon!
Did you miss out on the Yowapeda bows during AX or were interesting in them? Or is volleyball more of your thing? Cause I sure do have the sports available here now.
”’OTL I apologize for how long the last pre-order session last. It was a little bit rough going between cons and school BUT SINCE I AM FULL NEETing IT AT THE MOMENT this one will be processed a lot faster
The other bows (DMMD, Sailor Moon, Bucky, etc) will hit the shop along with my older designs at a later date when I am a little bit less of a tired pup.
Got the samples for my volleyball bows hehehe. Will have the order info for these plus the Yowapeda ones tomorrow! ☆☆

Anonymous sent: Hi! I was wondering if the Fire Emblem bows will be available again later on? I recently found out about them and unfortunately I was way too late to preorder any :( Thanks! (PS Love your art and designs)

Yes! They will be available on Etsy in a month or so C’: I’m still in the process of filling out the pre-order since doing 2 conventions back to back along with exams kind of threw a wrench in my schedule h-hohoho. But I will definitely let you guys know when they are available online