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★Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat★
Hi. My name is Siren! And this is my art blog.

[Yes you can make my designs! Please read the FAQ for more details]
Hi hi! Just letting you guys know that Blue and I are going to be at Wonder Con this weekend at Table 207 in the Artist Alley along with our bro Julie..!! I’ll have my bows there with me and will be complaining the entire time on Saturday in my cosplay. So if you’re coming to the con please come by and say hi..!!
Hi hi guys! Just letting you know that I officially have the Fire Emblem fabric (or so nicknamed Toile de Ylisse cause I’m a giant nerd) available in my Spoonflower. My 3DS is there so you can see sizing comparison. lmfao I’M SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT the prints are nice and crisp and you can even see all of the tiny bullshit roses and scribbles that I added in
ALSO! The Fire Emblem (among other) bows pre-ordering is ending today!!! I will be taking off the listing at 12 AM tonight so please head over to my Etsy to not miss out.
Bow Pre-Order Reminder!

Hi hi! Just letting you guys know that there’s approximately 6 days left and around 40-something bows left! So if you were interested please click here to pre-order your own copy before they’re gone :)

ALSO…since I am trying my best to not be an old lady technology-wise. I’ve made a public twitter here so C: drop by and have a conversation with me sometime!

What if Nui was actually a lolita lmfao that would have been cool..!!
Anonymous sent: hello! i'm a huuge fan of your bows u//v//u but i have a question, are they available only through etsy or other online stores? or do you have your own little store? btw i'm reeeally excited about the fire emblem ones! <33 oh also, are you planning on going to wondercon this year~? sorry for all the questions heh, have a lovely day ms. siren! c:

Oh my god Ms. Siren NOBODY HAS EVER CALLED ME THAT BEFORE THAT’S SO CUTE lmfao. I don’t have my own physical store but I do sell to a few locations! There’s a list of them in my faq here. Halo13 only has my comic book bows but Geeky Mamas should have the other one :) I will be sending them my Fire Emblem ones after I’ve sent out the pre-orders (which PS!! There’s only 50 left if you guys wanted to get on that) AND YES! I will be at WonderCon hohoho if you are there please swing by and say hi if you have the time

ALSO!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE FOR ALL OF THE MESSAGES YOU GUYS HAVE SENT. I’m really bad at answering them since I’m always working on 3-4 projects at once and can’t find the time like..ever BUT I DO READ EVERYTHING I GET AND APPRECIATE ALL OF THE KIND ENCOURAGEMENTS AND COMMENTS! ; O ; You guys are the best!!!

Feeling kinda uninspired lately (used my Fire Emblem fabric pattern)
Anonymous sent: Have you seen the damage your bows have cause to the FE:A fandom? (but no really, they're really cute and seem to be all over the place)

I…………… so so so sorry……………………………(but aaaaah all of these wonderful artists are making me blush like crazy YOU GUYS ////)