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I'm a fashion designer and a loser. Please call me Siren

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Based on Meiji era fashion 
Wao! Did you know I did a massive (relatively) restock of bows on my Etsy? There are a few Sport anime bows and Fire Emblem bows if you didn’t get to grab them the first time around. Also there’s even a SURPRISE mini restock for Supernatural bows. There’s a limited amount of each cause I really need to reorder fabric lmfao so if there’s a bow you’ve had your eyes on please act fast…!
It’s always hard when you’re allowed to make ONE SKIRT and you end up designing….way more than 1 lmfao…
ALL OF THE PRE-ORDER BOWS HAVE BEEN SENT OUT (or scheduled to be sent out early in the morning tomorrow)
OMFG….THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYONE AND YOUR INFINITE PATIENCE WHEN DEALING W THE HOT MESS THAT IT IS ME. I have a few sport bow leftovers that I will be listing on my Etsy later on when I can feel my body again. 
Anonymous sent: Um I was wondering about the Falchion thigh-highs you posted about a week ago. I only just noticed them and I was wondering if you knew about how long it'll be before they're available for order/pre-order and if you'll be posting all of that information on this tumblr or somewhere else? (I'm sorry, I'm kinda new to this sort of stuff and I'd really really like to get some once they're available!)

Hi! Sorry LMFAO I realized I sort of just dropped off the face of the Earth after mentioning that (you can completely blame Layton vs Phoenix for my downfall) At first I was going to have pre-orders up but I decided to held off on that until I get my Grima samples (probably gonna go w design 1) done too so people can see both designs before ordering C: And that should be in a month or so?? Information will be posted on this tumblr when available

Guess who just finished Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright….omfg BREATHES HEAVILY what an amazing game??? And since I already drew Phoenix Wright designs a while back I thought it would be nice to design for Layton this time around 

♪i want you back♪

♪baby there ain’t no mountain high enough♪

♪i’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb♪